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How to setup your M-Audio sound card as the system default playback device - Windows
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This guide will provide a basic overview of how to set your M-Audio sound card (aka audio interface) as the system default playback device on Windows.  This will enable all audio on the computer*, including system sounds, media players, and Internet streaming audio to playback through your M-Audio interface.

* Some application's have their own audio configuration options which ignore the Windows default setting.  This process varies from one application to another, but is usually done through a "Preferences," "Setup," or "Options" menu.  Please refer to the documentation for your software to learn how to do this

Setting the Windows default playback device

  1. Click Start
  2. Click Control Panel
  3. Click Sound; if you are in Category View, click Hardware and Sound, and then click Sound
  4. Click to select the "Playback" Tab
  5. Click to select your M-Audio device
  6. Click Set Default
  7. Click OK


Some devices, like the Fast Track Ultra, have multiple output pairs, but do not expose these channels to Windows.  With these devices, the default outputs will be channels 1/2.  To send signal to a different output, check the signal routing and output options in your software.  If your device has a DSP monitor mixer, you can turn up software returns 1/2 on the corresponding output tab (e.g. 7/8) to route signal to a different output pair.  Review to your device's documentation for more information on routing audio with the control panel mixer.