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Configuring Adobe Audition 3.0 for use with M-Audio devices
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This is a quick walkthrough on how to setup your M-Audio audio interface in Adobe Audition 3.0.

Before proceeding, you must install the latest drivers for your device.

1. Launch Adobe Audition 3.0.

2. Select Audio Hardware Setup... from the Edit Menu.

3. Select the ASIO driver for your device from the Audio Driver dropdown on the Multitrack View tab:

4. Make the same selection in the Audio Driver dropdown on the Edit View tab:

5. Click OK.

When recording from a mono sound source such as a single microphone or guitar, it is necessary to select the appropriate mono input to record from.

6. When in Multitrack View, click the Input selector box and choose the appropriate mono input:

For further assistance configuring and recording with Adobe Audition, please refer to the Adobe Audition User Guide, or contact Adobe technical support.