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Essence of China - 24-bit Sound and Loop Libraries

Top Features

24-bit samples for superior fidelity > access professionally recorded instruments and sound FX
inspiring loops and ambiences > jumpstart creativity with unique rhythms and rich soundscapes
Acidized WAV files > all elements instantly sync to project or host tempo
full CD of sounds > great value
Harness the beauty of a faraway land with ProSessions 24: Essence of China. This library comprises more than 550 MB of expertly recorded traditional Chinese instruments played by classically trained musicians. With a strong focus on the use of traditional concepts applied to modern music production, Essence of China is ideal for film scoring and adding an ethnic twist to electronic music.
Audio Samples
“…As hip-hop and world productions increasingly add a taste of the exotic (and “new age” music always has), [Essence of China] will slide right in. And unlike the myriad sample CDs with tabla sounds and Arabic percussion, this one provides something unique and classy.”
- EQ, January 2007
"M-Audio's ProSessions series of instrument samples and loop libraries is well established and aims to offer a combination of great sounds and good value for money."
- Sound on Sound