Rui Da Silva Deep House Collection

Rui Da Silva
Deep House Collection

Internationally acclaimed DJ/Record Producer, Rui Da Silva, pulls the Deep House Collection expansion pack from his personal sound vault to bring you a collection of the most powerful hard-hitting samples and loops for Trigger Finger Pro and AIRDrums.

The Deep House Collection expansion pack delivers heart-stopping low-end punch to your drums. Each custom kit comes pre-assigned and mapped to the AIRDrums software, so they're ready to play when you install them. Add multi-FX, envelopes, pitch and layering for even more diversity to your production.

All of the loops inside the expansion pack have been formatted into REX files giving you instant groove control. Slow down or speed up to any tempo in a live environment directly from the Trigger Finger Pro hardware or inside your DAW.  Overlay one-shots, basslines, and stabs in sync with your loops - in real time.


Deep Synth

Hybrid 3’s flexibility is tested with Rui Da Silva’s custom presets. Deep pulsating bass, lyrical leads, and harmonic body are preset to Rui’s sound. Add airy emotion with atmospheric pads and sound effects. Rui’s arpeggiator patches present a flowing texture to the mix. Use Hybrid 3's step sequencers to design the foundation of grooves, or to add syncopated rhythms that build on beat.

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What's Inside

Meet the Artist

Rui Da Silva

Renowned DJ, Producer/Label Owner Rui Da Silva imported his signature sound directly into Trigger Finger Pro, allowing you to focus on the music, not the technical mixing aspect. Rui De Silva has produced and remixed countless records including the Number One smash hit “Touch Me.” This collection from his own personal library has been processed for maximum quality through Hi End outboard. It will drive your creativity to new heights and add amazing impact, slam and power to all your club-ready tracks.