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M-Audio Oxygen (MKIV) Series - Setup In Pro Tools 10 and 11

oxygen49 mainThe M-Audio Oxygen 25 (MKIV), Oxygen 49 (MKIV), and Oxygen 61 (MKIV) are professional pad and keyboard controllers designed for hands-on software control, sequencing, and performance. The Oxygen (MKIV) series includes DirectLink functionality which automatically maps the transport, faders, and knobs of the keyboard to the most popular music software. This guide walks through setting up DirectLink in Pro Tools 10 & 11.




Setting Up DirectLink In Pro Tools

Rather than assigning parameters one by one, DirectLink automatically maps the Oxygen (MKIV) controls to many of the most frequently used digital audio workstation (DAW) features and settings. When used with a supported DAW, you can control the transport, mixing controls (faders and panning) and virtual instrument or signal processing plug-in parameters. You can also switch between DirectLink and custom MIDI operation on the fly to match your particular needs.


  1. In Pro Tools, go to to Setup > Peripherals.

    m audio oxygen series setup pro tools 1
  2. Click on the MIDI Controllers tab.
  3. Under Type, select M-Audio Keyboard. Choose the Oxygen series keyboard under both Receive From and Send To

    m audio oxygen series setup pro tools 2


Pro Tools is now set up to receive DirectLink from the Oxygen series keyboard. 


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Creating An Instrument Track

  1.  In Pro Tools, go to Track > New.

    m audio oxygen series setup pro tools 3
  2. Create a Stereo Instrument Track and click OK

    m audio oxygen series setup pro tools 4
  3. Choose any open Insert on the new track and select a Multichannel Instrument Plugin

    m audio oxygen series setup pro tools 5

The virtual instrument should be controllable with the Oxygen series keyboard.

m audio oxygen series setup pro tools 6?


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Switching Between DirectLink And MIDI Control

Many virtual instruments allow you to map the faders and knobs of your keyboard controller to certain parameters of the plugin. You can switch between controlling Pro Tools and your virtual instruments by hitting the AUTO button on the Oxygen (MKIV) series keyboard. This button toggles DirectLink on and off. 


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Further Product Support

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