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Axiom AIR Series HyperControl

Axiom AIR Series HyperControl

HyperControl is an exclusive technology found in M-Audio keyboards. Simply put, HyperControl automatically maps the keyboard’s transport controls, sliders, and buttons to instantly match the most useful and commonly accessed parameters in many of today’s top music software titles—both DAW recording software and Virtual Instrument programs.

Axiom AIR keyboards take HyperControl to new heights. Each group of controllers—pads, knobs, transport controls, sliders and buttons—allows you to quickly toggle between HyperControl assignments and your own customized controller mappings. In addition, the knob and slider sections feature the ability to switch between HyperControl mixer and instrument settings with ease.

Transport Control and Track Navigation

The dedicated transport buttons provide immediate hands-on access to all of your DAW’s playback and recording controls.


Total Control

Dedicated button toggles between Mixer and Instrument modes for instant hands-on control of all of your software’s functionality. The controls include eight rotary encoder knobs.

The 49- and 61-key models add nine LED-lit buttons and nine sliders, ideal for muting individual tracks and adjusting their levels.

Two-Way Integration

With the Axiom AIR Series, HyperControl goes even further, providing a two-way connection that keeps your M-Audio keyboard tightly sync’d to your software. Turning an assigned knob on the Axiom AIR will immediately update both the keyboard’s LCD screen and the computer screen, as well as the other way around.

Supported DAWs

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