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M-Audio DirectLink

What is DirectLink?

DirectLink is an exclusive technology found in certain M-Audio keyboards. Simply put, DirectLink maps your keyboard’s many controls to match the most useful and commonly accessed functions in many of today’s top music software titles. This powerful and timesaving feature eliminates the need to assign controls manually, so you can start making music right away. But don’t worry – you can still create your own customized control settings as well.

How Does it Work?

In order for your M-Audio keyboard to benefit from this type of mapping, it needs to share a set of instructions—a profile—with the software program. Sometimes, this profile is built in to the software. In other cases, a separate profile will need to be downloaded to provide the software with the information it needs. Once loaded, the profile allows automatic parameter mapping to your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) program, or to the parameters of the Virtual Instrument (VI) on the selected DAW track.

Each DirectLink profile is unique, matching a particular M-Audio keyboard to a specific software program, and often a particular version of that software. Our comprehensive keyboard profile pages, located below, will help you to download the correct profile that matches your M-Audio keyboard and your particular software.

Which M-Audio Keyboards Use DirectLink?

Currently, three families (shown below) of M-Audio controller keyboards use this form of automatic controller mapping. Because each keyboard family, and each keyboard within a family, is equipped with different controls and capabilities, the automatic mapping functions will also differ from model to model. To learn more about the automatic mapping features and profiles available for your M-Audio keyboard, follow one of the links below.

Remember, new profiles are constantly being added and developed, so please check back regularly.


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