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M-Audio Code Series - Sending and Receiving Sysex Dumps with MIDI-OX


The M-Audio Code series is a family of full featured keyboards that combine features for both studio production and performance. This guide walks through sending and receiving a sysex dump with MIDI-OX in order to back up presets on the Code.



  1. Getting Started
  2. Sending a Preset to MIDI OX
  3. Saving the Sysex File
  4. Loading and Sending the Sysex File to the Code
  5. Further Technical Support


Getting Started

This guide will use a software called MIDI-OX to receive and send sysex dumps for the code keyboard. This software is Windows only. MIDI-OX is mainly used to test MIDI response from your keyboard or MIDI devices but it can also be used to dump preset data to be stored for later use or transfer to another Code keyboard. Before continuing, download and install MIDI-OX from the link below:

Next, make sure to have the Code plugged into a free USB port on your computer. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Close all other audio/MIDI software including your DAW
  • Try to avoid USB hubs or long USB cables during this process (over 6 feet)
  • Disconnect any other MIDI devices from the 5-pin MIDI ports on the Code
  • Ensure that the Code has a solid working connection with the computer

None of this will necessarily cause any trouble during the transfer, but if you do run into problems, those are potential culprits. If you are having any trouble with conectivity, please see our guides below for further troubleshooting before continuing with this process:


Sending a Preset to MIDI-OX
  1. Open MIDI-OX.
  2. Go to Options > MIDI Devices... 

  3. Choose your Code ports in the MIDI Inputs and MIDI Outputs windows. You will only need to select the first ports. Click OK to exit.

  4. Go to View > Sysex. This will open our sysex send/receive window

    Before continuing, ensure that your Code is loaded with the preset you wish to transfer. This process will transfer one preset at a time. If you have made any changes to this preset recently, make sure that they have been saved before moving on. 
  5. Go to Sysex > Receive Manual Dump... (You will see a small Sysex Receive window appear that says "0 Bytes Received")

  6. The software is now waiting to receive the sysex data from your keyboard. On the Code, press EDIT and press the key labeled MEM. DUMP. If necessary, you can use the up and down arrows below the display to change the preset you would like to send. Once selected, press the key labeled ENTER to finish and send the preset.

    In MIDI-OX, you will see your Sysex Receive window update when it receives the data. In this case, we can see that 256 bytes were received. Press Done to finish and you will see your preset data in the Display Window.



Saving the Sysex File

Now that the sysex data has been dumped, you'll probably want to save this as a file on your computer for use later on. To save the data as a sysex file, go to Display Window > Save as... and choose a location to save your sysex file. You may want to create a folder in a familiar location and name your presets in order to keep track of them for later.


Loading and Sending the Sysex File to the Code

Assuming that you are coming back to this at a later time, plug in your Code and power it on. Follow steps 1 - 4 in the Sending a Preset to MIDI-OX section to enable the Code MIDI ports and pull up the Sysex window.

  1. In the Sysex window, go to Command Window > Load File... and find/select your saved Code preset.

    You will see the data from the sysex file fill the Command Window:

  2. To send the data to the Code, go to Command Window > Send Sysex. A loading window will pop up briefly to indicate the data is sending. 

    This preset will load back to the same numbered preset position that it came from. So, if you saved Preset 01 (GNMIDI) and are sending the same preset back to the code, only Preset 01 (GNMIDI) will be updated. If you are following these instructions as a test, please make sure that you have made changes to the preset on the Code before sending the saved preset file back to the keyboard. Otherwise, you will not see anything change to confirm that the dump was successful.

  3. On the code, you will want to reload your preset to load the changes into the memory. If you are currently on the preset, simply press the up arrow and then the down arrow (below the display) to refresh the preset. You can also power cycle the Code.

    Important Note: Sysex transfers can be sensitive. If sending the preset back to the Code does not work at first, power cycle the Code and restart
    MIDI-OX. Also, take note of the precautions mentioned in the Getting Started section of this guide


Further Technical Support

Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own an M-Audio product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the M-Audio technical support team is available to help!

Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support.