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The Importance of Room Acoustics
Nothing can make or break the sound of your performance, your rehearsal space, a recording venue or a home entertainment system more than room acoustics. You may have the very best instruments, speakers, amplifiers and recording equipment and you may have placed it all perfectly in your space, but if your performance/recording/listening room has poor acoustics, you're really facing an uphill battle. Luckily, there are a lot of things you can do to improve even the worst spaces.

Understanding Frequency Response - Why it Matters
The concepts of frequency response, frequency range, audible frequencies, how frequency relates to musical notes, etc. are absolutely central—critical—to understanding how audio equipment makes, reproduces or records sound and how that sound is related to the live sound produced by singers and instrumentalists.

M-Audio M-Track 2X2 and 2X2M - Optimizing Audio Quality
With the M-Audio M-Track 2X2 and 2X2M, you can create flawless 24-bit/192kHz studio-quality recordings with an intuitive and easy-to-use audio interface. This article offers tips to make sure you're getting the best audio quality possible with the inputs and outputs of your M-Audio M-Track 2X2 and 2X2M.

M-Audio CTRL49 - VIP with MPC Renaissance
VIP inside of MPC allows you to quickly grab your riffs in the MPC sequencer. This video shows how to start capturing with MPC while running VIP on the CTRL 49 inside of the MPC software.

M-Audio CTRL49 - VIP Audio Routing
When using VIP inside of Ableton live, each of the 8 plug in slots can have their own audio output. That means that you can re-route each multi-slot out to it's own track in your favorite DAW. In this video, I show how to route each channel onto tracks in

M-Audio CTRL49 - Mackie/HUI in Ableton Live
The CTRL49 comes complete Mackie/HUI functionality. This means that it is already mapped out to work in your favorite DAW. This video will discuss how it's mapped in Ableton Live.

M-Audio CTRL49 - VIP with Ableton
VIP works stand alone or in a host DAW. This video shows how to use VIP with Ableton Live. It also shows how to trouble shoot when you don't have audio inside of Ableton Live but can see the meters working on the Midi track.

M-Audio CTRL49 - Carving out your Sound
All virtual instruments come with a set of tools to adjust the sound to your liking. This video shows you how VIP integrates with your plugins and maps out all of the virtual instrument's controls onto the CTRL49

M-Audio CTRL49 - Volume, Mute and Solo
VIP allows you to load 8 plug-ins on top of each other. This video shows how to control volume, muting and soloing with the CTRL 49. To control panning hold down shift and turn the volume knob.

M-Audio CTRL49 - Stacking VSTs
Inside of VIP you can load 8 plug ins on top of each other. This video shows you how to quickly sort and load the sounds in your VST library.