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VIP - Managing Kontakt and other Expansion Plugins
VIP gives you immediate access to any virtual instrument in your collection, with or without a DAW. It's a powerful way to play virtual instruments live or integrate them into a recording session. Kontakt is one of the most commonly used plugins, but beca

M-Audio CTRL49 - VIP with MPC Renaissance
VIP inside of MPC allows you to quickly grab your riffs in the MPC sequencer. This video shows how to start capturing with MPC while running VIP on the CTRL 49 inside of the MPC software.

M-Audio CTRL49 - VIP Audio Routing
When using VIP inside of Ableton live, each of the 8 plug in slots can have their own audio output. That means that you can re-route each multi-slot out to it's own track in your favorite DAW. In this video, I show how to route each channel onto tracks in

M-Audio CTRL49 - Mackie/HUI in Ableton Live
The CTRL49 comes complete Mackie/HUI functionality. This means that it is already mapped out to work in your favorite DAW. This video will discuss how it's mapped in Ableton Live.

M-Audio CTRL49 - VIP with Ableton
VIP works stand alone or in a host DAW. This video shows how to use VIP with Ableton Live. It also shows how to trouble shoot when you don't have audio inside of Ableton Live but can see the meters working on the Midi track.

M-Audio CTRL49 - Carving out your Sound
All virtual instruments come with a set of tools to adjust the sound to your liking. This video shows you how VIP integrates with your plugins and maps out all of the virtual instrument's controls onto the CTRL49

M-Audio CTRL49 - Volume, Mute and Solo
VIP allows you to load 8 plug-ins on top of each other. This video shows how to control volume, muting and soloing with the CTRL 49. To control panning hold down shift and turn the volume knob.

M-Audio CTRL49 - Stacking VSTs
Inside of VIP you can load 8 plug ins on top of each other. This video shows you how to quickly sort and load the sounds in your VST library.

M-Audio CTRL49 - Controlling and Finding Sounds with VIP
The CTRL 49 Comes with VIP. VIP allows you to quickly find the sound you want based upon the sound and not the plug in manufacturer. This video shows how to navigate through VIP using the CTRL 49.

M-Audio CTRL49 - Navigating VIP to your Plugin Folders
After you have downloaded the content for your CTRL 49 you need to tell VIP where the plug in folders are. This will allow you to have all of the plug in Maps for your collection of VST's and VSTI's. VIP will work with all third party plug ins as well.