Don’t restrict your creative process with complicated plugins!
Get inspired and enhance your creativity with the V.I.P Series plugin collection from Plug and Mix.

From 15th May 2018 through to 31st August 2018, new and existing users of M-Audio’s Keystation Series, Oxygen Series and Code Series controllers, as well as the M-Track C-Series interfaces, will be eligible for five free plugins from the V.I.P. Series Plugin collection. With this limited time promotion, you can select* 5 plugins from more than 50 meticulously curated effects and processors guaranteed to put your creativity firmly in the driver’s seat. Customizing your production setup has never been this simple – simply get your hands on one of M-Audio’s qualifying products and enter a world of pro-grade, easy-to-use plugins!

In response to users’ demand for high quality and efficiency, P&M’s V.I.P Series Plugins will change the way you think about the creative and mix-down process; Featuring the professional sound you demand, the V.I.P Series Plugins have been developed with one aim in mind – ease-of-use. Designed with an emphasis on quality and simplicity, each plugin boasts a clean interface with only the most essential knobs and switches included. With the V.I.P. Series Plugins, dialing in a great sound has never been easier: simply load the plugin and turn a knob for instant sonic satisfaction.

M-Audio is one of the most revered names in music computer interface and studio integration solutions, keyboard and controller products, and essential musical hardware from microphones to studio monitors. With the Pick & Mix promotion, M-Audio has paired their unequalled studio hardware with an amazing collection of inspiring plugins, crafting a limited-time software bundle that fits the needs of a diverse range of musicians, producers, engineers and content creators.

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*Users are prompted to download the entire V.I.P. Series of 50 plugins, which they can then use for a 30-minute trial period (can be re-loaded for additional 30-min periods). Once you’ve selected your five favorites, these will be redeemed as your custom mix in full non-limited versions via the download portal Plug.