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Driver Information
Driver Delta_Installer_6_0_2 Driver
Applies To Delta 1010
Delta 1010LT
Delta 410
Delta 44
Delta 66
Delta Audiophile 2496
Delta Audiophile 192
Operating Systems Windows Vista (32-Bit) SP1
Windows Vista (32-Bit) SP2
Windows Vista (64-Bit) SP1
Windows Vista (64-Bit) SP2
Version (PC)
Release Date 11/14/2009
Release Notes

*Addressed DT 12354 “Window 7 will not shutdown or restart with Delta driver installed” by revising logic executed at sleep/wake and at shut down. Should not result in user-perceptible difference on XP and Vista.
*Fixed bug on x64 systems where the Delta control panel didn’t launch if launched from the system control panel.
*Initial release of MSI-based installer
*Per customer request, all API entry points into the driver interface DLL, DeltaIIpnl.dll, have been exposed. There is no functional change here for typical users.
*Corrected the minimum sample rates reported by the driver.
*Fixed where direct input monitoring was not possible for 5/6 and 7/8 pairs, and incorrect for 3/4.
*Fixed where mute/unmute of channels 3-8 outputs would all activate together.
*Restored availability of sample rates for devices as they existed in the 5057v3 driver.

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