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Driver Information
Applies To FireWire 410
FireWire Audiophile
FireWire Solo
Firewire 1814
ProjectMix I/O
ProFire Lightbridge
Operating Systems Windows XP (64-Bit)
Version (PC)
Release Date 10/15/2008
Release Notes

Avid resources are invested in recent and upcoming 64-bit operating systems such as Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 7, and Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Due to our developmental focus, we are not planning any updates to our current XP 64-bit drivers. If 64-bit operation is essential, we recommend that users migrate to one of these qualified operating systems for ongoing support.

1) Unzip the file to a folder on your desktop.
2) Shut your system down, standard SOP for PCI and 1394 devices. (USB Audio or USB MIDI devices only need to be turned off.)
3) Install, or plug in the device and turn the computer on.
4) When the Windows “Add New Hardware Wizard” pops up, select the alternate location and browse to the folder where you unzipped your file. Windows will be looking for an .inf file. This will tell Windows where the driver needs to be installed.
5) Hit next and yes to any ‘unsigned driver’ warnings and the driver install should complete.

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